A downloadable game for Android

Use your device to reveal the hidden truth in the codex. Codex is an augmented reality game on Android using a real book. Resolve enigmas and discover what happened to the forgotten city of Moqrana.

The book used in the game is available in a pdf just below.

Warning : This game is an experimental project, it is performance heavy, if your device is getting hot, let it rest for a while. Use recent devices and keep sessions short.

Gameplay video :  

Credits : 

Game Designer : Yannis MOULAY

Programmer : Damien CRECHET

Artists : Thomas GARCIA, Lisa VIGLIOLA

Sound Designer :  Robin CUGNIET

Project Manager : Mathieu RENARD


codex.apk 888 MB
codex_book.pdf 6 MB


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This is also an APK file for android devices only. :)